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Body Talk

Tried-and-true strategies for teaching essential nonverbal communication--facial expressions, gestures, posture, and more--to children with autism & other challenges.
Sale Price:  $29.95 $20.96

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Expected June (Pre-orders accepted!)
Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Written expressly for teens and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, Boyfriends & Girlfriends explains the dos and don'ts of dating and validates their normal, age-appropriate desire for companionship and romance.
Sale Price:  $18.95 $13.26

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Expected May (Pre-orders accepted!)
Going Solo

A psychologist shares her expertise about raising a child with disabilities on your own or "solo". Whether a solo parent by choice or circumstance, readers will find a wealth of support, affirmation & practical ideas for living well.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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Lucky Dogs, Lost Hats, and Dating Don´ts

A collection of over a dozen hi-lo (hi interest-lo reading level) short stories for people with intellectual disabilities or learning challenges. True-to-life stories with characters who want to live independently appeals to teens and adults.
Sale Price:  $21.95 $15.36

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Managing My Money

USA Best Books 2011: Award-winning Finalist
Help teens and adults with intellectual disabilities become more independent by teaching them money management skills.
Sale Price:  $34.95 $24.46

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Moving Out

Experts in special needs planning & independent living guide families on how to find the right residential situation for their adult with an intellectual disability.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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The Sibling Survival Guide

Experts on disabilities and sibling relationships include practical information and guidance for teens and adults who are considering, or who are in the midst of, caring for a brother or sister with a developmental disability.
Sale Price:  $21.95 $15.36

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Talking Is Hard for Me!

A SLP shows parents and caregivers that they don't need to be experts to help kids communicate better!
Sale Price:  $18.95 $13.26

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Targeting Language Delays

Help students with developmental challenges with listening, language, and whole-word reading skills. Teach these skills in sequential steps using more than 100 goals and activities that can be incorporated into an IEP.
Sale Price:  $26.95 $18.86

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Teaching by Design

2005 ForeWord's Book of the Year Award Finalist
Step-by-step instructions for using the computer to make customized learning materials for students with disabilities.
Sale Price:  $34.95 $24.46

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The Boys' Guide to Growing Up

Don't miss this guide on puberty, specifically designed for boys with intellectual disabilities! It's written by a sexuality educator with expertise in the developmental disabilities field.
Sale Price:  $16.95 $11.86

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The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up

Written for girls ages 8-14 with intellectual disabilities, this easy-to-follow guide covers what they need to know about puberty to be hygenic, healthy, and safe.
Sale Price:  $16.95 $11.86

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The Sibling Slam Book

2006 Independent Publisher Book Award: Finalist
A unique collection of unedited comments by teens of siblings with special needs, running the gamut of thoughts & feelings.
Sale Price:  $15.95 $11.16

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Try Reading Again

2012 ForeWord's Book of the Year Award Honorable Mention
Do you know a struggling reader who's given up trying? Proven program of phonics and age-appropriate, language experience stories help older students & adults become competent readers.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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Views from Our Shoes

Boys and girls whose essays are featured in this collection share their experiences of growing up with a brother or sister with a disability.
Sale Price:  $15.95 $11.16

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