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Body Talk

Tried-and-true strategies for teaching essential nonverbal communication--facial expressions, gestures, posture, and more--to children with autism & other challenges.
Sale Price:  $29.95

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Expected December (Pre-orders accepted!)
Teaching Basic Math

Teach basic math to students with autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities & other learning challenges using hands-on activities!
Sale Price:  $29.95 $20.96

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Expected December (Pre-orders accepted!)
Teaching Basic Math CD-ROM

Companion CD-ROM to the book Teaching Basic Math includes 150 worksheets, games, and teaching aids.
Sale Price:  $14.95 $10.46

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Lucky Dogs, Lost Hats, and Dating Don´ts

A collection of over a dozen hi-lo (hi interest-lo reading level) short stories for people with intellectual disabilities or learning challenges. True-to-life stories with characters who want to live independently appeals to teens and adults.
Sale Price:  $21.95 $15.36

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Managing My Money

USA Best Books 2011: Award-winning Finalist
Help teens and adults with intellectual disabilities become more independent by teaching them money management skills.
Sale Price:  $34.95 $24.46

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Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Written expressly for teens and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, Boyfriends & Girlfriends explains the dos and don'ts of dating and validates their normal, age-appropriate desire for companionship and romance.
Sale Price:  $18.95 $13.26

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Going Solo

A psychologist shares her expertise about raising a child with disabilities on your own or "solo". Whether a solo parent by choice or circumstance, readers will find a wealth of support, affirmation & practical ideas for living well.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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Talking Is Hard for Me!

A SLP shows parents and caregivers that they don't need to be experts to help kids communicate better!
Sale Price:  $18.95 $13.26

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Targeting Language Delays

2014 ForeWord Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Gold Winner for Education
Help students with developmental challenges with listening, language, and whole-word reading skills using over 100 IEP goals & activities.
Sale Price:  $26.95 $18.86

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Teaching by Design

2005 ForeWord's Book of the Year Award Finalist
Step-by-step instructions for using the computer to make customized learning materials for students with disabilities.
Sale Price:  $34.95 $24.46

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Temporarily Out-of-Stock (Backorders Accepted!)
Moving Out

Experts in special needs planning & independent living guide families on how to find the right residential situation for their adult with an intellectual disability.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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The Boys' Guide to Growing Up

Don't miss this guide on puberty, specifically designed for boys with intellectual disabilities! It's written by a sexuality educator with expertise in the developmental disabilities field.
Sale Price:  $16.95 $11.86

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The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up

Written for girls ages 8-14 with intellectual disabilities, this easy-to-follow guide covers what they need to know about puberty to be hygenic, healthy, and safe.
Sale Price:  $16.95 $11.86

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The Sibling Slam Book

2006 Independent Publisher Book Award: Finalist
A unique collection of unedited comments by teens of siblings with special needs, running the gamut of thoughts & feelings.
Sale Price:  $15.95 $11.16

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The Sibling Survival Guide

2014 ForeWord Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist
Experts on disabilities & sibling relationships offer practical info and guidance for teens & adults considering, or in the midst of, caring for a sibling with a disability.
Sale Price:  $21.95 $15.36

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Try Reading Again

2012 ForeWord's Book of the Year Award Honorable Mention
Do you know a struggling reader who's given up trying? Proven program of phonics and age-appropriate, language experience stories help older students & adults become competent readers.
Sale Price:  $24.95 $17.46

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Views from Our Shoes

Boys and girls whose essays are featured in this collection share their experiences of growing up with a brother or sister with a disability.
Sale Price:  $15.95 $11.16

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