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Teaching Essential Discrimination Skills to Children with Autism

A Practical Guide for Parents & Educators
Rebecca MacDonald, Ph.D., BCBA & Susan Langer, M.A., BCBA

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isbn# 978-1-60613-257-9
8.5" x 11"
200 pages
Data sheets

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“This book outlines a cumulative and hierarchical sequence of lessons (including an assessment) based on many years of basic and applied research on discrimination learning and stimulus control. It also draws from the authors’ extensive practice teaching children with developmental disabilities. From recognizing sounds and objects, to understanding the meaning of words and other symbols, discrimination learning is of utmost importance during the development of both verbal and nonverbal behaviors. It is also a component of every single lesson aimed at teaching academic, social, and cognitive skills to children with autism, whether using discrete trial or incidental teaching. This ‘how-to’ discrimination curriculum is a welcome addition to the early intensive behavioral intervention literature, and should be a required reading for those in the fields of education, speech and language pathology, and applied behavior analysis.”
-Caio F. Miguel, Professor of Psychology, California State University-Sacramento

“This book is a wonderful resource on teaching the all-important skill of discrimination, which is often a conceptual/instructional barrier for learners with autism. The book offers methodical and evidence-based procedures for teaching these skills in a systematic way. The sections on selecting and using stimulus and response prompts are particularly useful, as are the recommendations for trouble shooting when progress is slow and overcoming barriers to learning discrimination skills. The instructional sequences and data sheets provide clear and detailed ways to introduce and develop discrimination training as a curricular strategy and as a teaching tool. This book is an invaluable resource for educators that will ensure that learners with ASD learn to discriminate efficiently and effectively.”
-Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Professor of Education and the Director of Programs in Autism and ABA at Endicott College

“I wish I had this book as my husband and I struggled to learn what we could possibly do to provide the best possible path forward for our son after he was diagnosed with autism. We knew even then that early intervention of some sort had the greatest potential to have a meaningful positive impact on his life, but initially we were ill-equipped to determine an effective path forward, and we knew that missteps or inaction could cause us to miss a window of opportunity for him. This book leads you along a step-by-step path and provides guidance on how to unlock the enormous potential in your child by teaching him or her how to learn. It is invaluable reading for parents and teachers of children with autism, and can truly have a lasting impact.”
-Lisel Macenka, parent

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