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Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome

A Guide for Parents and Professionals, Third Edition
Maryanne Bruni, BScOT (Reg)


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isbn# 978-1-60613-259-3
7" x 10"
312 pages
Fine Motor Activities

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"*In this revised edition of the 2006 publication, veteran occupational therapist and mother of a daughter with Down syndrome Bruni offers a comprehensive guide to developing fine motor skills (FMS) that lead to independent living. Designed to be motivating, realistic, and practical, her breakdown of cultivating sensory processing and FMS uses materials and routines that are available at home and to any professional working with the child. Likening FMS to the construction of a house, Bruni lays a foundation of stability (strength and balance), bilateral coordination (holding a bowl with one hand while stirring with the other), sensation (an awareness of fingers, hands, and arms), and sensory processing (transforming and integrating information from the senses) as the building blocks of achieving long-term self-sufficiency. VERDICT Complete with sidebars, illustrations, adaptive techniques (using a hairband for pencil stability), and profiles of learners, this title is a required acquisition for all consumer health collections."
-Library Journal (*starred review), May 15, 2016

"This book continues to offer fine motor activities that can be wrapped into daily life starting in infancy. This practical guide leads people with Down syndrome on a path toward self-sufficiency as they learn daily living and academic skills. Moreover, this expanded edition incorporates strategies for using tablet devices and touch screen technology to cultivate necessary skills in the modern world."
-Stephanie Meredith, coauthor of Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother's Guide to Down Syndrome and other titles

"Informed by decades of experience, Maryanne Bruni breaks down the components of fine motor development into practical increments so that persons with Down syndrome can maximize their potential at each stage of life. Parents, teachers, and therapists should be sure to have a copy nearby!"
-Dr. Brian Skotko, Co-Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Down Syndrome Program

"Se trata de la 3ª edición de un libro que en su día impactó extraordinariamente y que ahora aparece completamente revisado. Es de gran utilidad para iniciar y enseñar a los niños con síndrome de Down en las tareas que exigen motricidad fina; ciertamente, sus enseñanzas y recomendaciones pueden alcanzar hasta lka etapa de la adolescencia. Su autora es una terapeuta ocupacional con gran experiencia, madre de un adulto con síndrome de Down.

Muestra de forma sencilla y muy visual las etapas crecientes del desarrollo en su aspecto motor: estabilidad, coordinación bilateral, sensación. se incluyen docenas de actividades para desarrollar la motricidad fina en casa y en la escuela.Por ejemplo: el uso de tijeras, aprender a agarrar y usar el lápiz, escritura en script y cursiva, habilidades con el teclado, ordenador y tablet, habilidades para vestirse, arreglarse, habilidades con la comida. Dedica todo un capítulo al procesamiento e integración sensorial y a la motivación."
-Revista Virtual Abril 2016 Número 179, Fundación Iberoamericana Down21

"Critique: Simply stated, Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals should be read by anyone with caregiver or instructional responsibilities for a Down Syndrome child. Enhanced with the inclusion of Visual Motor Worksheets; a useful article on 'Don't Throw It Out! Household Items to Use for Hand Play'; a Glossary, a Bibliography; a list of Resources, and an Index, "Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome" should be considered an essential, cored addition to personal, professional, community, and academic library Down Syndrome instructional reference collections. "
-Reviewer's Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review), April 2016

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