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Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome

The Respond but Don't React Method
David Stein, Psy.D.


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isbn# 978-1-60613-263-0
6" x 9"
140 pages

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"One of the greatest strengths of this book is the evident care that the author has for children with DS and their families. Stein expresses great empathy for the adults and their experiences, including potential resistance to using new approaches to problems. He convincingly uses case examples in which reluctant or frustrated adults have implemented the suggested strategies with success. Many times, parents reaching for such a book are already at their wit's end and may even feel somewhat hopeless about the possibility for productive change. It is obvious that Stein understands this mindset, and he responds with a concise, clear, conversational style and practical concepts that are illustrated with adequate detail. The book is palatable reading for any audience, regardless of training or sophistication, and the reader cannot help but feel more hopeful by its conclusion."
-PsycCRITIQUES (American Psychological Association), January 30, 2017, Vol. 62, No. 5, Article 5

"Dr. Stein's book is a gift for anyone caring for young people with Down syndrome! He presents effective methods that capitalize on the strengths of people with Down syndrome in a conversational style that is readable and engaging. His approach decreases the stress of behavior management by offering positive strategies that, ultimately, help to strengthen relationships and support skill-building for future success. Highly recommended!"
—Maria A. Stanley, MD, FAAP
Medical Director, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Pediatric psychologist David Stein, Psy.D. emphasizes proactive means for guiding the behavior of children with Down syndrome, rather than reactive and punitive approaches. The methods are grounded in research and clinical findings, yet accessible to readers of all backgrounds."
--Midwest Book Review: Library Bookwatch, September 2016 / The Psychology Shelf

"Propone un abordaje proactivo, no reactivo ni punitivo. Ofrece estrategias comprobadas para estructurar un ambiente que garantice el éxito, con especial énfasis en los apoyos visuales, en recompensas que refuercen la conducta deseada. Y al mismo tiempo propone una conducta positiva de apoyo (controlar cuidadosamente la respuesta, redireccionar la conducta, apuntar al futuro), y tratar situaciones difíciles antes de que ocurran (preparar y manejar Narraciones Sociales que sirven de entrenamiento para afrontar una situación prevista). Es un pequeño libro con gran interés práctico."
-Read the entire review at Revista Virtual Agosto 2016 Número 183Panorama de Libros Agosto 2016, Fundación Iberoamericana Down21

"Behavior challenges can be frustrating, but Dr. Stein does a great job describing the principles at play and effective strategies to help set up children, teens, and young adults with Down syndrome for lasting success."
—Stacy Taylor, MA, B.C.B.A.
President & Clinical Director of Advance Behavior & Learning

"Dr. Stein delivers, in a simple and clear way, a roadmap for dealing with many of the most common behavioral issues encountered by parents and caregivers of young people with Down syndrome. My only wish is that this book had been around when my child was much younger."
—Blake Newman, parent of a teenager with Down syndrome

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