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**************** New Version! ****************

For Expectant & New Parents...

Diagnosis to Delivery:

A Pregnant Mother's Guide to Down Syndrome


Nancy McCrea Iannone &

Stephanie Meredith


Paperback / 8½" x 11" / 92 pages / $15


If you're awaiting the birth of your baby with Down syndrome, then this book is expressly for you. Keep it close at hand to help you understand what to expect between now and the birth of your child, and beyond.

Including intimate and joyful photos of moms-to-be, babies, and families, Diagnosis to Delivery will answer your pregnancy and birth questions, validate your emotions, provide coping advice, and give you hope for your baby’s and family’s future. It covers:

  • adjusting to the diagnosis 

  • dealing with pregnancy concerns and comments

  • sharing the news with family and friends

  • preparing your other children 

  • creating and evaluating your birth plan

  • building relationships with medical providers including specialists

  • preparing for breastfeeding

  • understanding first year medical issues and development

  • finding services, support, and resources

The new version also includes information about prenatal screening and testing; updated resource lists; updated research on development, siblings, and more; new information on health insurance and social services; and cross references in each chapter to related articles on DownSyndromePregnancy.org, where you can find comments from other parents about the different topics covered in the book.


Del diagnóstico al nacimiento:

Una guía para las mujeres embarazadas de un bebé con síndrome de Down

Nancy McCrea Iannone
y Stephanie Meredith

Paperback / 8½" x 11" / 90 pages / $15

For Extended Family Members & Friends...

Your Loved One Is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome


Nancy McCrea Iannone,

Stephanie Meredith, & Amy Geoffroy

With essays by Beverly Beckham &

Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq.


Paperback / 8½" x 11" / 32 pages / $8


When you learn that someone you love is expecting a baby with Down syndrome, you naturally have concerns, and wonder what to say and do. This book will help you through your initial, normal reactions of sadness, shock, and worry, and give you the information and perspective you need to welcome a baby with Down syndrome.



This book covers:

  • Down syndrome biology, physical characteristics, medical condition, development

  • what the diagnosis means to the family

  • what the future holds (information & inspiration)

  • resources for relatives who speak Spanish

  • helping expectant parents and yourself

  • sample letter to a friend who’s expecting

  • estate planning & monetary gifts

  • a grandparent’s story



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About Woodbine House


Woodbine House is pleased to assist the authors and DownSyndromePregnancy.org to bring the Down syndrome community these valuable resources. For a complete selection of Woodbine House titles on Down syndrome, click here. All proceeds will be donated to DownSyndromePregnancy.org so that this charitable organization can continue to serve expectant parents and their friends and families.


About the Authors


The authors are experienced parents and advocates: Nancy McCrea Iannone is an author and Executive Director of the New Jersey corporation, Down Syndrome Pregnancy, Inc.; Stephanie Meredith is Program Director of Lettercase and the author of “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis”; Amy Geoffroy is a Trustee of Down Syndrome Pregnancy, Inc. and the former president of Network21: Supporting Families with Down Syndrome. Together they partnered with a distinguished review team of medical professionals and advocates to produce these publications.

Please be advised that the authors are not medical professionals. All decisions about your care should be fully  discussed with your medical care provider. This book is a resource and not a substitute for good quality medical care and advice.

Diagnosis to Delivery offers support to expectant parents who have received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis and are moving forward with their pregnancy. The material is not appropriate for women who are still weighing options about their pregnancies. More appropriate resources for women weighing options are their medical providers and "Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis" distributed by Lettercase.org.

About the Photographers


Images by award-winning photographers Kelle Hampton and Conny Wenk, both of whom are mothers of children with Down syndrome, complement the sound advice and support found in these publications. Thanks also to a variety of volunteers who submitted photos to Your Loved One is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome.





"Diagnosis to Delivery takes the mystery out of expecting a child with Down syndrome. This book is an essential guide for any mother continuing a pregnancy after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome."

-Dr. Brian Skotko, physician, Down Syndrome Program, Children's Hospital Boston


"With warmth and knowledge born of experience, the authors shed light onto the shadowy time when the difficulties of parenting a child with special needs loom large, and the rewards have not yet been discovered."

-Kathryn Lynard Soper

Editor of Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich their Lives, Gifts 2, and author of The Year My Son and I Were Born


"Diagnosis to Delivery takes the mystery out of expecting a child with Down syndrome. This book is an essential guide for any mother continuing a pregnancy after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome."


“I am very glad Your Loved One is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome is available as a resource today. Not too long from now you will be celebrating milestones and accomplishments in this child’s life that will put Down syndrome in perspective. Congratulations for taking the first step in creating a more welcoming world for all our children.”

-Pamela Wilson, Children with Special Needs Editor, BellaOnLine


“When a loved one is expecting a child with Down syndrome, this booklet offers accurate information, practical advice, and a realistic yet positive view of the future. An excellent resource.”

-George Estreich, author of The Shape of the Eye