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All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!
Written and Photographed by Ellen B. Senisi


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isbn 978-1-890627-35-5
Children's Hardcover
11" x 8 1/2"
28 pages
34 photos
Grades K-4

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About the Author

Ellen Senisi is an author and photo-illustrator of more than ten children's books, one of which is also about special needs, the award-winning Just Kids (Dutton Books, 1998). She has degrees in education as well as educational media and technology and works full-time creating books. Ms. Senisi lives in Schenectady, New York, with her husband and three children, one of whom appears with her iguanas in All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!

2003 Skipping Stones Honor Award

What's green, spiky, and is missing toes? It's Zaki, the iguana, and she is Moses's friend!

In school, Moses, and the rest of his class are given the assignment of choosing a friend to write about. As he wonders which person to choose, he thinks of his circle of friends and what they share together. Some friends are kids like Jimmy, who says funny things, and Manuel, who races with Moses on the playground. Other friends are grown-ups like Mom and Dad, and teachers. Neighbors too, can be friends, like Kate, his teen-aged babysitter. Kate owns two really cute iguanas. One of the iguanas, Zaki, is missing toes.

That's it! Moses will write about Zaki. After all, they really have something in common. Moses and Zaki both have special needs. Zaki, with her missing toes, must figure out new ways to move around and get to where she wants to go, which is exactly what Moses must do in his wheelchair!

More than just a story about friendship, All Kinds of Friends, Even Green! looks at difference---such as being in a wheelchair or missing toes---in a unique way. With this beautifully photographed and engaging story, children discover that living with disability and facing its challenges can be seen as interesting, even positive. With an Afterword about disabilities, Moses, and iguanas, the story provides material for discussing inclusion at school and home.

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